Testing the “Blog This”….link on The Onion Site. Going Beyond the simple: Email or Print this story

So, I found this story on The Onion (by way of my RSS feed from TechCrunch – linktributions all around!). The story amused me and I passed it along using the Email link that I am used to seeing at the bottom of such sites.

Then, I looked at the rest of the links. Hmm..blog this. Okay, I will.


This code appears. I get to choose “Image” or “Blurb”. I chose Image.

Copy/Paste. Here it is:

That seemed to work. The rest of the options at the bottom of the story? Here they are:

Guess The Onion recognizes its crowd is in the Facebook thing and text messaging. Oh, I feel out of the loop. I wouldn’t use Text This or Facebook. I might use Digg This but I don’t really Digg things often (in fact, once) But, the options were interesting and opens up some thinking about how can we incorporate this kind of technology in our classes or other web oriented work.

Off to ponder…