@Last 5 – a new playlist.

While I was sitting around (between chores) twiddling my thumbs and wondering what else I could add to this blog besides my links and P365 photos, I decided to try an experiment with iTunes. It turned out to be easy. I wanted to capture the last 5 songs I have played. Just a snapshot of where I’ve been musically. It was sparked when I remembered a post from a long while back about music. This would be a different meme…I’ll try to do this periodically.

If you want to set up your own in iTunes, create a new Smart Playlist (Files — New Smart Playlist). Then, UNCHECK the box by the criteria menus for Artists, song title etc. Change the second option to 5. Done. I named my playlist “@last 5” so it is pushed to the top of my playlist menu. Your settings will look like this:


My last 5 right now, you ask? I must be in alphabetical land:

Allison Krauss:

  • There is a Reason
  • Down to the River to Pary
  • When You Say Nothing at All
  • But You Know I Love You


  • MJ v. PCD (fantastic mashup of Beat It from Michael jackson and I Know You Like It from the Pussycat Dolls)

Hey, I’m eclectic.

Last 5 on the stereo (I have been cleaning)

  • Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and California Dreaming (Queen Latifah – The Dana Owens Album)
  • Here Comes the Sun (Beatles – LOVE)
  • Follow Your Grail (Spamalot Soundtrack)
  • Rhythm Nation (Janet Jackson – that CD just started)

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