Keynote from MacWorld…iPhone and Apple TV

Well, of course I had to pay attention to The Steve giving The Keynote in The January in The San Francisco. I mean, really….

But, the announcements left me…not terribly excited. Nothing for me today, really.

The Apple TV product sounds interesting but I am not sure I would use it that much. The iPhone, which will certainly get the most press and has been the most speculated item from the Apple camp in years will excite those folks who get into phones. I’m just not one of them. My pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile works fine for me. I have so much time on it right now due to the forced “Top Ups” every three months…I guess I need to talk to someone on it every so often.

I do have to agree with a poster at iLounge…the 4 GB and 8 GB size for a fancy new widescreen iPod seems too small. I know they need to keep the phone thin and light. How long until the cool interface and big phat hard drive in a widescreen iPod with no phone? That, I might be interested in getting.

Apple unveils revolutionary iPhone