Know your 2.0? – I don’t seem to….or what a difference a year makes

So, in a joyous example of webindippity (hey, is that a new word??) I checked out a blog that was new to me – It’s not updated terribly frequently but seemed to have some good stuff for me. So, I’m going along, I was happily reading reviews of stuff like and pbwiki. Uh huh, been there..have an account. Feeling good about my techno-self and then, I find an ancient post (well, October 2005 for his Ning app, Know your 2.0? Went there, started with the poll and quickly ound a baker’s dozen of Web 2.0 sites that I have NEVER EVER heard of? Of course, I didn’t go all Web 2.0 until about Spring 2006 so I was late to the party.

With the year between now and the post, I am guessing some of them took the bottle rocket approach to life but I am going to go check them out this afternoon as things ebb for the holidays. Anybody ever heard of…

  • iKarma
  • Brainjams
  • Bunchball
  • Zvents
  • Jux2
  • diigo
  • edgio

I’m going to find out more….reporting back from the field soon.

Know your 2.0?