Stay back! Cute Overload!!!

We had to go visit the kittens again today. They are . almost 6 weeks old. Starting to use the litter box and eat solid food. They have changed a lot in a week.

The house seems empty without a cat so getting two very energetic kittens will certainly fill that void. Now, the fun part – naming them. We were considering Fidgert and Chips from two characters on a great radio-style podcast, Dr. Floyd. But, we might also have to let them tell us something about themselves before we finalize the names. If you want to know who is who at this point: the cream one on the left is Chips and the tiger on the right is Fidgert.

BTW: C.H.I.P.S. stands for Cybernetic Holographic Integrated Power Squid, if you wanted to know.