Convergence of Stuff: When is the right place and device?

7290353_366aca0809_m.jpgWhile I have argued before with folks about how I don’t want all of my life to be merged (or converged or mind-melded) into one device (read cellphone), it does appear that this is the case for all of these newfangled apps and services that are in the Web 2.0 camp. I don’t want a device that plays video, music, ringtones, photos, phone calls and voice messaging..I just don’t want that. I would lose it and that would be everything gone!

But, I cannot lose the web. I just go online somewhere else and my stuff is there. Right where I left it.

For example, I know Wikispaces site now allows for WAY EASY integration of media from such sources as YouTube, Odeo and MySpace. I was so happy when I figured out how to upload and link to an mp3 in the wiki and now, I can add a video greeting from Hellodeo or embed other media with a simple copy-paste-done. Cool.

And, I found Dabble, which appears to be a way to “collect” video from around the web (Google Video+YouTube (is that the same now?), Ourmedia, Internet Archive, etc) and connect with folks who have the same interests. Hmmm…more to consider.

Of course there is always SuprGlu for keeping my little Flickr, Techy-Feely,, lastFM self together in one place.

Why do I like convergence on the web just fine but not on my belt?

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