cramming 43 hours into a day

I fascinated by this fairly recent study (funded by Yahoo!, among others) about the overlapping of technlogies within a typical family. Doing that equals to more hours of activity per day. From the report:

While using the Internet, people are also doing two or three other things, often watching TV or talking on the phone,” said Mike Hess, global director of research at OMD, part of Omnicom Group

As I sit here, writing in my blog, listening to a record, waiting for two other sites to load in different tabs, heating up a pan to cook pancakes for breakfast, I think I get it!

How many hours do we need to cram in the day? Lately, I am being drawn back towards Voluntary Simplicity and the concept of montasking. Even John Mayer mentioned monotasking in a recent interview I read in Performing Songwriter magazine (of course, i was reading that while I was on the elliptical trainer at the gym – so much for monotasking!)

I am going to strive to focus on the task at hand…whatever that might be. We’ll see how it goes. Does technology help you do more or cause you to do more?