Goodbye dotMac and Hello World


I am a bit saddened by my decision last month to not renew my dotMac account when it expires tomorrow. I have proudly been a gal for several years – even before they started charging. I was happy to pay at first, the services were worth it. I used the groups..I used the iTools that became iWeb and iPhoto. I posted photo pages and movies from trips. I used iDisk for files. It was good…but slow. Easy…but slow. Cool…but $100.

So, with this site and a new email,, my Flickr and Bubbleshare pages, my Picasa Web Albums -(interfaces with iPhoto now!!!), my account and other tools, I can keep up with friends, share photos and files, and store stuff just fine.

Using these new tools and sites, I know I don’t get the cool Apple interface and ease of use all of the time, but they are pretty slick in their own right. Maybe I’ll go back to dotMac someday. I’m sure I will write more about my fanboy state with Apple and Macintosh. They get the whole techy-feely thing. I just don’t want to pay for it right now.