Dis-Enchanted: A Story of User Control

My three readers know that I enjoy my photos. And I enjoy playing with them.
Museumr based on my Flickr photos
Simpsonize Yourself

Elf Yourself!

I’ve done a lot of playing around with the pix. So, after seeing and loving the movie Enchanted this past weekend, I was playing around with – of all things – its MySpace page to hear the soundtrack again. Right below that, I saw a link for a Enchanted 3D head…something about “make yourself a Disney character”..Cool! Off I went.

The site seemed like the others I have mentioned with one major difference…. you have to upload a photo and then wait for them to email you when it is done. There were very specific parameters for the photo…very. specific. parameters. No smiling, face forward, hair behind ears. Ugh..I didn’t want to make a new photo, I wanted to use one I had. I wanted to be able to crop or move the photo around a bit. Just like I was able to do with Elf Yourself and Simpsonize (to some extent).

I chose the best fit I could find and uploaded. Then, a few hours later, my Inbox had this note:

Sorry, the photo you sent didn’t work properly. To try again,just click on the link below…<http://www.enchanted3dhead.com/>Please remember…Remove your glasses.Put your hair behind you ears.Look directly at the camera.Keep your eyes open.And NO SMILING!!!

What? A message from Disney telling me NO SMILING!!

Forget it. I want to have fun with my photo projects but without the slick controls like Elf Yourself has, I won’t even bother trying again. The secret to these online sites from companies, IMHO, is that they still give you enough control over the process to think it really is all about you. I mean, look at my Elf Yourself..I know the cats are missing their ears. I don’t care, I still had fun doing it and it was my decision to use that image.

Office Depot 1
Disney 0