A year with ClustrMaps

I noticed a strange change on my blog this morning…down on the right, you may or may not have ever seen the ClustrMap that I had placed.

It’s a cool thing – just a bit of code on the blog and you get a map with little dots on it showing where your visitors are located. A mini-community, if you will, of folks who have hit the T-F wide spot on the road of the info highway. I think it is a little misleading, because some of those hits are most likely from the wide variety of pingbacks I make to blogs, etc in my postings.

Still, it’s just darn neat. The red dots get bigger and more of them appear over time.

Today – the map had only a few dots..and they were small. Huh? I was confused since I had not made any change to the code. But, after a few clicks over at the ClustrMaps site, I see that it has been a YEAR since I put it on my blog. So, it “rolls over” and a new ClustrMap begins.

So, visit often and from all over – we will get those little red dots growing again!

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