Listing 10 Blogs to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Blogging

Even though I came late to this are my Favorite 10 Blogs! (a request from Mashable, which is a favorite but I chose to not put it in the list below to get more in!) They are debating if it is the tenth anniversary, but that is a great excuse for a list (and you knows we loves the lists)

Here goes…There are lot of feeds in my current Netvibes reading list, but I pretty much check these out every day to see what is new with their little RSS selves:

  1. The Good Human
  2. Lifehacker
  3. WREN Radio
  4. OLDaily
  5. Smashing Magazine
  6. 43 Folders
  7. Strobist
  8. A Whole Lotta Nothing
  9. Infocult
  10. Cogdogblog and D’arcy Norman dot net (cheating, I know)