Hmmm…is this too much techy for the feely?

So, now we have information insurance available from Deathswitch. I might not want to die or become critically disabled with a computer password, the secret formula for Coca-Cola or some other vastly important data.

This service (for the low, low fee of $19.95 a year – cheaper than Flickr!) will bug me to keep letting me know that I am alive. Then, if I don’t respond, it kicks up the nagging and eventually moves into the assumption that I am gone and sends ou the pre-determined messages with the information and/or other communications I might want to send out from the grave.

I just better be sure not to send it to a dead account like

I wonder if Abe Vigoda knows about this since he has had his own status extension for Firefox. I think it doesn’t work anymore. Pity.