WOW!! I would like to thank the academy…

So, Time magazine has a mirror on the cover of its “Person of the Year” issue because YOU, er, ME, um..WE are the “person of the year”

Who knew I controlled the Information Age. I didn’t realize I was being so noble. Let’s see, what have I done to help earn this honor??

  • Created a Second Life avatar
  • Starting this blog (yea)
  • Bought 3 new domain names
  • Posted pictures in my Flickr account (including my Project 365)
  • Recorded podcasts and blogged for school (Odeo and Movable Type)
  • Edited an existing wiki (but not Wikipedia..not yet – [EDITORS NOTE: Finally got around to updating Wikipedia in September 2015!])
  • Created my own wiki
  • Posted video at VideoEgg
  • Tried to post my life story at Dandelife but got distracted with, well, life

Off to go contribute more….. Person of the Year: You —