Flickr Guest Pass – finally a way to share the Flickr joy without the agony of yet another account

Having spent a frustrating afternoon trying to remember various services username/password combos (more on that later!), I decided to work on my Project 365 for the day. Logged into Flickr and saw that they have three new services.

Mobile Blogging (eh, not there yet)

Camera tagging (ways to find out what cameras are most popular on Flickr..could be interesting)

AND…what I really wanted to see…

Guest Pass. Great, i can share private photos with selected folks without them having to created Flickr accounts. Perfect!!

From the Flickr site:

Guest Pass
Ever wanted to share private photos with
friends and family without making them go through the rigamarole or
opening their own Flickr account? Yes? You have? Sorry – I can’t hear
you … never mind: we’ll just assume you have wanted that. Well now
you can!!!

That’s just great. I am loving this social software, within my social group. My Project 365 being public still gives me pause on occasion. Guess I’m old skool on this (or just old). But, for sharing family photos with family who don’t need or want an account, this is a great step.

Flickr: Help: Guest Pass