HIIANA = Hey, I invented a new acronym!!

I was driving on the interstate yesterday and saw a huge banner on the side of a budget motel stating “FREE HSIA”. I pondered for a second and then realized, oh, Free High Speed Internet Access. When did HSIA become an acronym? Is it really one? In the spirit of research, I reached for Google.

It is in the Free Dictionary with NO definition but ads that link to high speed internet access providers for hotels!!

HSIA also equals:

Halogenated Solvents Industry Alliance
Homeland Security Industries Association
a Chinese Dynasty (also spelled Xia)

In the techy-feely world, we have plenty of acronyms. I used to work for a contractor with the federal government and knew it was time to leave when I heard myself use about 6 TLA (three letter acronyms) in one sentence. (grin) So, I am wondering if HSIA is really that necessary? Well, not the technology cause I loves me my free HSIA when I travel…I just usually ask – do you have wireless?