This little “thread” is traveling through the edublogosphere and it is summer (as D’arcy says) I want to play as well. Plus, it is lists of things. I LOVE that…and I know that is why High Fidelity is one of my favorite movies.

So, here goes (for right now – I call rights to change):

1. Music that changed my life

  • Laurie Anderson – Big Science (and seeing her live) SHE IS THE DEFINITON OF TECHY-FEELY IN MY MIND
  • Bette Midler – Live at Last
  • Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle
  • Rickie Lee Jones – all of it but I was very taken by her debut album in 1979
  • The Bobs – all of it – modern a capella at its best

2. Music I can listen to on repeat

  • Seasons of Love from the Rent soundtrack
  • John Denver
  • Indigo Girls
  • Beatles
  • kd lang
  • Aretha Franklin

3. An album I’d take to a deserted island. only one? Too hard. I would take all of Bette Midler’s ouevre. I’ve thought about this. She has the variety to cover all my moods on that island.

4. Music that makes me smile

  • The Cars – Best Friend’s Girl
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (I remember my brother and I mangling it in a karaoke place in Japan)
  • Joan Jett – Bad Reputation and I Love Rock and Roll
  • Blondie – most of their hits
  • Most old school funk – Commodores, War, Rufus (featuring Chaka Khan)
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Mr. T’s song: Mother (Treat Her Right) – oh yes, I have the 12′ single

5. Music that makes me cry

  • kd lang – Barefoot
  • John Prine – Hello in There
  • Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (the version with the orchestra background)
  • Jim Croce – most of his love songs
  • Eva Cassidy – her cover of Lennon’s Imagine

6. Music that I wish had been made – I’m not sure I have any of that
7. Music I wish hadn’t been made – that’s hard to say- one person’s art is another treasure but I don’t find much for me in death metal
8. Music I’m currently into

  • Downtown Soulville podcast from WFMU (Go Mr. Finewine!!)
  • All of my old 80’s mixtapes – looking for gems I have forgotten
  • Queen Latifah – The Dana Owens album

9. Music I’ve been meaning to explore

  • Stevie Wonder (how did I miss him?)
  • Patricia Barber
  • New Ska (I’ve been a fan of English Beat, Madness, The Specials…I need to know what else is going on out there)

What’s in your playlist??

While I have argued before with folks about how I don’t want all of my life to be merged (or converged or mind-melded) into one device (read, cellphone), it does appear that this is the case for all of the new, emerging apps and services that are in the Web 2.0 camp.

Just today, I have learned that the Wikispaces site now allows for WAY EASY integration of media from such sources as YouTube, Odeo and MySpace. I was so happy when I figured out how to upload and link to an mp3 in the wiki and now, I can add a video greeting from Hellodeo or embed other media with a simple copy-paste-done. Cool.

And, I found Dabble, which appears to be a way to “collect” video from around the web (Google Video, YouTube, Ourmedia, Internet Archive, etc) and connect with folks who have the same interests. Hmmm…more to consider.

Of course there is always SuprGlu for keeping my little Flickr, Blogger,, lastFM self together in one place.

Why do I like convergence on the web but not on my belt or in my backpack or on my iPod, even?

Welcome to my Techy-Feely site. I’ve been using this phrase to describe myself for quite a while. Finally took the time to get the domain name as well.