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Geeking out my desktop

I have been a casual user and fan of GeekTool for a number of years. GeekTool provides a means to add images, code, logs or web content to small, pre-defined locations on your desktop so they lay behind your application windows and can refresh at a time rate that you set within the code. GeekTool allowed me to explore a bit of coding and customize my desktop with geeklets that provided me both useful information and needed distraction during my workday. I explored the (now aging) repository of geeklets from time to time and through trial and error, found a… Read More »Geeking out my desktop

Bookmark like it is 1999, er, 2005

Hi there! I’m back. I would love to write here more regularly but I find myself writing in other places more often so this site gets pushed to the proverbial back burner over and over. But, I have something I want to capture so here it goes. I hit Twitter yesterday and saw this post go by:   This post is… delicious — Mike Caulfield (@holden) June 1, 2017 As a YUUUUGE fan of Delicious back in the day (circa 2005), I had to see what was what. And, I discovered that, for the FIFTH time, my favorite little… Read More »Bookmark like it is 1999, er, 2005

Two steps too soon?

And, here I am again changing out cell phones. For someone who resisted joining the smart phone “revolution” for as long as I could, it is kinda comical that I keep finding myself blogging about the updates and changes to my phone. But, my new plan with Sprint allows me to always get the newest iPhone when it comes out and I decided to take them up on that offer. Thus, I spend about 3 hours on a beautiful Saturday morning getting my new phone to act just like my old phone (but faster and with a better camera, of… Read More »Two steps too soon?

Building my little pile of electrons

The semester is almost over. The pace has slowed down and I need to do something a bit more geeky just to get my grey matter back on track. So, inspired by D’arcy Norman’s reclamation project of his data, I decided to give a whirl to some of the tools he mentioned to see if I could bring some of my data into my world rather (or along with) the hosted solutions. I am not quite a self-contained as D’arcy and probably won’t be. He dumped Flickr and I don’t see myself doing that anytime soon as I really like Flickr and… Read More »Building my little pile of electrons

The internet back in 1995 is going to change the way we learn, work and play!!! Can’t wait to see how! They cite 35-40 million people on the internet. I just checked and according to the Internet World Stats page the number now is closer to 1.3 billion. This is courtesy of the great work by the folks at as they digitize VHS tapes about the internet.

Upgrades are not always easy – but I still usually jump right in

I was (and still am) pretty darn impressed with the speed improvements with Firefox 3 Beta 4. Snappy! But, I am not sure if this new Ff or the upgrade I just did on WordPress or the update to Scribefire is the reason but my easy peasy way of blogging is no longer easy (or peasy). Pooh. I’m off to find another solution. Switched to Flock for the time being but that is not ideal, I don’t think.

Techy-Feely on your Celly

While I don’t have a cell phone that will even read this page…I do understand that the world is moving in that direction. To that end, here is a mobile version of this blog via MoFuse. Just to see if I could do it. Off to find someone with a phone that can read it!