Albany Georga – a city of two bridges

Just returned from a quick work trip down (way down) to Albany, GA. I was excited to learn in my pre-trip research that I had totally forgotten this was the birthplace of one of my absolute favorites: the incomaparable Ray Charles. So, I had to bring my entire cohort of travelers to the downtown area to pay an homage visit to the Ray Charles Plaza. It was a lovely spot with benches that looked like piano keys. Curving pathways in black and white, wooden swings, nice landscaping and a central fountain with a life size sculpture of Ray seated at… Read More »Albany Georga – a city of two bridges

Happy 3rd Birthday to Techy-Feely!!

In some ways it seems like a much longer time has passed since I blogged for the first time here at my own little corner o’ the Intarwebs! And, in other ways, I still feel like I am just figuring stuff out. I certainly am on other parts of the web. But, I clearly recall installing WordPress and then staring at it going: “Now what?”. Now, I have a version of the multiuser platform running at my college and I feel much more comfortable diving into the database tables and taking a peek. But, today marks the third anniversary of… Read More »Happy 3rd Birthday to Techy-Feely!!

Where were you forty years ago?

I am a space fan, I am the first to admit. I almost have to be, don’t I? Can you claim the word “techy” and not have at least some passing interesting in space and space travel? Besides the requisite Star Wars and Star Trek fandom, I am also a big fan of NASA program and have been since I was a youngster. All of the excitement and re-enactments of this historic fortieth anniversary (See has got me reminiscing back to those days. Of course, I answered “astronaut” on the forms that asked: What do you want to be… Read More »Where were you forty years ago?

Facebook Usernames? Which to choose?

Great! I see that Facebook is now going to dole out usernames. Well, actually, you get to pick one out on a “first come, first served” basis. That might make it easier to find folks on Facebook, I see. My quandry is which username to use? I like my techyfeely moniker and that is personal. I also have been using ajwms for a long time now and it has become my professional username as well as some personal. What does a girl do about this one? Is it best to have only one username and stick with it or is… Read More »Facebook Usernames? Which to choose?

Meditating on a Powertool

I got to spend about two hours last night helping friends open their pool. Most of my time was spent with a power washer. As I moved slowly through cleaning chairs, tables, poolsides, diving board and more, it turned into a nice meditation. I truly enjoyed being in the moment and it was easy to stay there because of the constant feedback of something actually happening! You can tell where you have been with the washer. You can see the dirt, leaves, moss and other debris instantly “disappear” as the water goes by. You can also tell where you missed… Read More »Meditating on a Powertool

Do you hug your technology?

Driving home yesterday, I heard a story on NPR about the last mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. This mission is the last repair mission (and the first one in seven year, it seems) and the story told a bit about the repairs and how it will help the mighty instrument be even more “mightier”. But what struck me the most was the part of the story about the astronauts also taking the feelings of the engineers and scientists with them on this last visit. The science team with Hubble have been working on it for decades. This last mission… Read More »Do you hug your technology?

Ada Lovelace Day: Honoring my Tweeps!

Today is Ada Lovelace Day and bloggers all over are posting about their favorite women in technology. I pledged to do the same. First, who is Ada Lovelace, you ask? She wrote the world’s first computer programs. How cool is that? If you want to know more, I won’t deny you! So, we are charged with writing about tech heroines. I have been thinking about that for a while now as I planned this post. Growing up, the technology side of my techy-feely self definitely came from my father. In college, first as an engineering major and later as a… Read More »Ada Lovelace Day: Honoring my Tweeps!

If I had an Oscar party tonight

I usually try to host an Oscar party. But, I am out of town this year so the party is only in my head (nothing new there!). The most fun before the party is figuring out the menu as I try to relate it to the nominations. Here is my virtual menu this year: Tropic Thunder Fruit SaladSlum (hot)DogsFrost(ed)/Nixon Flakes We would drink a Curious Case of beerand have Milk(shakes) for dessert and to drink: Milk (maybe Milkshakes)