Random Gifts

As I plan to start taking piano lessons again tomorrow, I found this oldish video of an amazing musician turning a standard piano into a multitude of instruments. Hauschka at NPR: Random Gifts on Vimeo

We all have baggage

Having just finished a holiday trip, I thought this video of a bag’s trip through an airport was interesting. Delta airlines ad nonwithstanding.

RIP Steve

I have really only cried when two celebrities died: Roberto Clemente and Jim Croce. I was much younger then, of course, but while I have been saddened by the loss of a favorite singer, actor or other celebrity, I have not really been moved to tears in a long time until I heard this morning about the death of Steve Jobs. I am an unabashed Apple fangirl and I have been since my first experiences with the Apple II during undergraduate school and the time that a friend brought over this new computer called a was cute. Small. “Portable”.… Read More »RIP Steve

Free Range Social Media and Linking to Others

I am continually inspired the more I read and learn from Brene Brown’s work on vunerability and whole-hearted living. Then, the other day, I was visiting her blog and noticed this badge: I was intrigued. In a nutshell, Free-Range Social Media encourages you to share yourself openly, use others for inspiration but not for wholesale copying and not to hide behind the easy to use anonymity that many social media/networking sites allow you to do. You can read more at her FRSM page. I have shared her TED talk earlier here and I just re-watched it yesterday. It really speaks to me… Read More »Free Range Social Media and Linking to Others

Sharing Your Technical Talents

I was quite taken by a story I heard while driving home this week. On National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, they shared a story about photo retouchers working on damaged photographs rescued from the tsunami that hit northern Japan earlier this year. The sentiment by the main person profiled in the story really struck me: “There’s always someone who’s got something to say about how thin someone is made or how flawless someone’s skin is and the effect it has on young women,” says Manson. “So when I set up the project, it was nice to think we could… Read More »Sharing Your Technical Talents

Continuing the Contemplative

I haven’t had/taken the time to work on my contemplative photography but this view struck me walking into work yesterday morning so I tried to catch the morning sun shining while the moon was still there.

My first Contemplative photography attempt

I have been reading about contemplative photography and I am intrigued and challenged to give it a whirl. What started as a quick glance through the bookstore of the Shambala Sun has developed into much more of an interest. Basically, the practice takes photography away from simply subject matter and into the mind/body/spirit of the photographer so you are more aware of noticing the image, taking the image and creating the equivalent image in your camera to what you noticed. Of course, the website, Seeing Fresh, explains is much better than I can. I am part of a Flickr group… Read More »My first Contemplative photography attempt

Kitchen Remodel – A Work in Progress

Well, since the end of the world as we know it might be tomorrow, I thought I had better share the experiences of remodeling the kitchen over the past 2 years. Why 2 years? Good question! After the mortgage was paid off (yay!), we decided that it was time to update the kitchen and we could save up for each part and not go into debt to do the job. Many brainstorming sessions, dreaming up ideas over coffee in the morning and flipping through design books and magazines and watching HGTV for hours, the ideas started bubbling up to the… Read More »Kitchen Remodel – A Work in Progress

100 things to watch in 2011

I have always been a fan of the Beloit College Mindset published each year right before the start of the fall semester. It lists the experiences that are “molding” the incoming freshman class. This set of predictions from JWT Intelligence is much more widespread covering fashion, art, food, travel, business, technology and more. It was fascinating. Some of the predictions were right up the T-F mindset like: 33 – alternative social networking sites to Facebook. Like Diaspora, which I helped fund in its Kickstarter campaign. 59 – the Life in A Day user generated documentary. I participated in that as… Read More »100 things to watch in 2011

Blog Action Day: Have you done your calculations?

Here at Techy-Feely, if you spend anytime at all looking over past posts, you will see that I am a big fan of the online quizzes found, well, everywhere! While I have pretty much stopped doing them in Facebook because they are smackdab full o’ viruses and crud, they are still pretty fun. But, the most useful of these quizzes are those that allow you to reflect and record your use of our natural resources and calculate how much impact you have on this earth of ours. The Water Calculator from H2OConserve is a great example of it. I just… Read More »Blog Action Day: Have you done your calculations?