Not the 2020 I imagined

My last post was written right after I returned from Japan. It was a Level 2 country and the USA seemed to be avoiding the coronavirus at the time. Well, that was a different 2020. Since then, we have had fire tornados, inland hurricanes, a national reckoning with some deep and long lasting wrongs, and way too many deaths from a virus that could be avoided by following some simple actions. Said virus completely upended my workplace and we have spent the summer preparing for how to approach a new school year with the virus still active. It’s been a… Read More »Not the 2020 I imagined

Looking at us now in 2020 – a new vision

I started this year with resolutions towards improving my inner peace. I took a short retreat in January around Feldenkreis and mindfulness to kick off this work. I’m glad I did because who knew what was lying ahead in the coming months. We managed to get a trip to Japan in just before (and while) the world was starting to shut down due to the coronavirus disease that originated in Wuhan, China. As my brother told me, we experienced a “unique Tokyo” with plenty of room on the train and sidewalks for the three days we were there. And, mostly… Read More »Looking at us now in 2020 – a new vision

Everything Old is New Again…

When I was growing up, I remember hearing my parents, or other adults, say something about a fashion or design trend coming back “into stye.” Fashion does have its own cycle. According to my research, there are five stages to the fashion cycle: introduction; rise; culmination; decline; obsolescence. In some ways, this reminds me of the technology adoption curve with its early adopters and laggards. And both industries have planned obsolescence to some extent but there will always be the classics in fashion like white button down shirts. Technology doesn’t lend itself to a classic because the constant innovation and… Read More »Everything Old is New Again…

Oh, the times they are a’changing (or at least I have..a bit)

I know that the only thing constant is change. I get that. And, I have been dealing with a huge change in my life for almost 5 years. But, there are other changes that are happening around me all of the time and I have suddenly become aware of one that is more related to my techy-feely self. I am slmost three years into a new gig at my place of employment. This new job spread out my interests to well beyond what I was doing back in, what I consider, my heyday of my professional life. Back then, I… Read More »Oh, the times they are a’changing (or at least I have..a bit)

Back to the Future

  This week is not one that I have looked forward to for the past three years. Today marks the anniversary of the death of my partner from an accidental fall. The sudden ripping away of her life from mine was terrible and still resonates through my being. Some days more than others, of course. It has softened and I have made many strides in building a new life and finding my new normal including finding new love. But, I still dread this week. And part of that dread is because of technology. Primarily Timehop and Facebook Memories or On… Read More »Back to the Future

Processing Out loud and Online and Finding Awe Again

Two months ago, I lost one of my best friends to cancer. His decline was quick and unexpected as we were told the day before he died that treatments would begin the next day and had a high percentage of success. He was a professor and choral director. The students who he taught have been processing the death ever since, mostly on Facebook. We used FB to organize choirs for his service and a college concert that turned into a tribute to him. They also post (at all hours of the day and night) how they are feeling, how they miss… Read More »Processing Out loud and Online and Finding Awe Again

Technology After Death

In the aftermath of the recent death in my life, there has been a lot of work to “close” a person’s life.  In addition to dealing with clothes, shoes, books, memorabilia, CDs, financial dealings, retirement accounts and automobiles, I have also been faced with several decisions regarding email accounts, social media, cloud storage, web sites and blogs. What do we do with these electronic artifacts after someone dies? I really don’t have a good answer. But there are services and resources out there to help. I have left the email accounts open. I was fortunate to have access to the… Read More »Technology After Death

Where I am right now

I have been quiet on this blog because I am dealing with a death. It has been and continues to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. A friend sent me this poem. I hope I get to the point of the end of it at some time in the near future. For Grief by John O’Donohue When you lose someone you love, Your life becomes strange, The ground beneath you gets fragile, Your thoughts make your eyes unsure; And some dead echo drags your voice down Where words have no confidence. Your heart has grown heavy… Read More »Where I am right now

Building my little pile of electrons

The semester is almost over. The pace has slowed down and I need to do something a bit more geeky just to get my grey matter back on track. So, inspired by D’arcy Norman’s reclamation project of his data, I decided to give a whirl to some of the tools he mentioned to see if I could bring some of my data into my world rather (or along with) the hosted solutions. I am not quite a self-contained as D’arcy and probably won’t be. He dumped Flickr and I don’t see myself doing that anytime soon as I really like Flickr and… Read More »Building my little pile of electrons

Things to watch in 2012

Since I found this last year, I was curious to see what the latest presentation from JWT would bring. From a T-F perspective, these entries caught my eye: BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. I actually have been using this phrase for a while now at my work because we have been experimenting with checking out iPads to faculty and students and my take on the results is that they are truly “personal” computers and don’t share well with others. We need to expect to bring our own devices, customized as we want, to all kinds of locations and get… Read More »Things to watch in 2012