It’s October! We still have flowers! Including roses! Picked some and put them on the cats’ stone in the side yard. We still miss them all. powered by performancing firefox


Went to a Halloween party at Jim and Susan’s. Played cornhole before it got dark. It is a very fun game involving tossing beanbags at a target hole on an inclined plane of wood. Points for bags that stay on the platform and more points for bags that go in the hole. We played with the coneheads! Won 2. Lost 1.


P365.4 Originally uploaded by AJ Wms. Still celebrating my birth as I headed down to McMinn County and had a great dinner with my folks, sister, bro-in-law and my 8 month old niece. Taking a wine class so we brought some down that we learned about and shared it with the group. Dad in the background was enjoying it all!!

Goodbye to an old friend

The problem with the feely part of living is the pain of saying goodbye. We said goodbye to our oldest cat yesterday. She was 19 1/2 years old. It was time but it was not easy and it should not be easy. Rest well, Cubby. We will miss you.

Plan to Learn: Case Studies in eLearning Project Management

It’s been over 2 years in the making..but I’m a published author! Wow! I got my desk copy in the mail today and there I am – Chapter 5. Allow me a bit of a headrush now..’cause it is exciting stuff to see your name in print. Now, seeing your name go by on the Goodyear blimp or in Times Square in NYC might be even better..but, this is cool, too. I like to celebrate the small things. πŸ˜€ If you are at all interested, the book can be had in PDF from the Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance. I’m going… Read More »Plan to Learn: Case Studies in eLearning Project Management

Goodbye dotMac and Hello World

I am a bit saddened by my decision last month to not renew my dotMac account when it expires tomorrow. I have proudly been a gal for several years – even before they started charging. I was happy to pay at first, the services were worth it. I used the groups..I used the iTools that became iWeb and iPhoto. I posted photo pages and movies from trips. I used iDisk for files. It was good…but slow. Easy…but slow. Cool…but $100. So, with this site and a new email,, my Flickr and Bubbleshare pages, my Picasa Web Albums -(interfaces… Read More »Goodbye dotMac and Hello World

A Whole New Mind – book and attitude

Being fresh from a nice vacation, I do feel as if I have a whole new mind! I also spent my airplane time reading Daniel Pink‘s book A Whole New Mind. It was a great read and I’m not usually into reading business and strategy books. The main thesis really lends itself to my whole techy-feely approach to life. He presents six skills or aptitudes that he thinks will be the most useful and highly desired in the future as the business world adapts to major change agents such as automation and outsourcing to Asia. Being able to use empathy,… Read More »A Whole New Mind – book and attitude


Back from an extended vacation which was very much needed and well received by body, mind and soul. Fun was had in Maine in a cabin that had no phone, no internet, and lots of rustic charm. Spent my time with friends and more time outside than I usually do in a month or two. It was good. If you have never been to Maine, especially the Acadia National Park, Belfast, Camden, Moose Point State Park and Camden Hills State Park, I highly recommend a visit. Truly beautiful and a good fit for this t-f girl.

@@Things to Look At

I keep a small text file on my hard drive called “@@THINGS TO LOOK AT”. It sits at the top of my directory and whne I have a few minutes, I look at the file and visit the site or check out the tool/technology to learn more.From that list, there are several tools/sites that I now use on a daily basis that, less than a year ago, I didn’t even know existed. Some were around just waiting for me to find them. Some got easier to use. Some just popped up (hello, world!). Now, I’m figured out how to use… Read More »@@Things to Look At

Oh Yeah – it’s here

It’s finally here! The 1963 MGB sits in the garage and gets taken out for daily romps. If only it would quit raining every afternoon!!!! I’m looking forward to learning more about car mechanics (I’ll have to in order to keep it running!) but from the feely side of things – its a blast to drive and a joy to stare at with the cool lines and details. Whee…I’m giddy like Christmas Day.