Back on the photo train

I went on my honeymoon earlier this month. We spent 10 days in the Netherlands – starting and ending in Amsterdam with a 5 day bicycle tour through Haarlem to the North Sea to Leiden, Bodegraven, and Utrecht. It was a good group for our Beercycling time and we had a lot of fun. Even though it was in the upper 40s with rain, wind and hail much of the time and we both ended up with colds. In fact, we joked that we probably need t-shirts that say “We survived our honeymoon”. Even though I was on the bike… Read More »Back on the photo train

When you are a ukulele…

I was asked to speak at the church I am currently attending as part of their “stewardship minute” series, which is a regularly scheduled time for someone from the congregation to make a short talk about why they attend and why they give to the church. I had been asked before but it was never a good time. But, this time around — the timing worked. This is what I said. (I used a prop – a travel ukulele – which is about 14 inches long and about 6 inches wide) **************** This is a travel ukulele. Apparently, you need… Read More »When you are a ukulele…

Bookmark like it is 1999, er, 2005

Hi there! I’m back. I would love to write here more regularly but I find myself writing in other places more often so this site gets pushed to the proverbial back burner over and over. But, I have something I want to capture so here it goes. I hit Twitter yesterday and saw this post go by:   This post is… delicious — Mike Caulfield (@holden) June 1, 2017 As a YUUUUGE fan of Delicious back in the day (circa 2005), I had to see what was what. And, I discovered that, for the FIFTH time, my favorite little… Read More »Bookmark like it is 1999, er, 2005

Two steps too soon?

And, here I am again changing out cell phones. For someone who resisted joining the smart phone “revolution” for as long as I could, it is kinda comical that I keep finding myself blogging about the updates and changes to my phone. But, my new plan with Sprint allows me to always get the newest iPhone when it comes out and I decided to take them up on that offer. Thus, I spend about 3 hours on a beautiful Saturday morning getting my new phone to act just like my old phone (but faster and with a better camera, of… Read More »Two steps too soon?

Back to the Future

  This week is not one that I have looked forward to for the past three years. Today marks the anniversary of the death of my partner from an accidental fall. The sudden ripping away of her life from mine was terrible and still resonates through my being. Some days more than others, of course. It has softened and I have made many strides in building a new life and finding my new normal including finding new love. But, I still dread this week. And part of that dread is because of technology. Primarily Timehop and Facebook Memories or On… Read More »Back to the Future

Some new photo art

It has been a LOOOOONG time since I have had/given/allowed time to sit with some photos that I have taken and worked on them within an editor to make them more than just snapshots. (today, I chose Lightroom CC since I need to learn more about how it works) It was fun and from the ~300 images I took during a recent trip west via Minnesota to Yellowstone National Park/Grand Tetons National Park and on to Portland, Oregon, I gleaned 19 that I liked enough to call “art” for me. [BONUS POINTS: This trip also took me through North Dakota… Read More »Some new photo art

Quick Update: moving to iOS

It has been almost a month and I have been steadily working on this transition from Android to iOS. I wanted to capture a few quick thoughts here while it was still a bit fresh on my mind. The Apple Migration tool for moving from Android failed for me. Three times. I gave up. Thus, I didn’t get to move things like: Messages Whats App messages Settings/Accounts Contacts Photos Videos Music And so forth I was a bit disappointed with that fact. Actually, more than a bit. I really figured Apple had this migration thing figured out to get folks to… Read More »Quick Update: moving to iOS

Processing Out loud and Online and Finding Awe Again

Two months ago, I lost one of my best friends to cancer. His decline was quick and unexpected as we were told the day before he died that treatments would begin the next day and had a high percentage of success. He was a professor and choral director. The students who he taught have been processing the death ever since, mostly on Facebook. We used FB to organize choirs for his service and a college concert that turned into a tribute to him. They also post (at all hours of the day and night) how they are feeling, how they miss… Read More »Processing Out loud and Online and Finding Awe Again

Legacy Contact – Facebook

I swear, I do not intend to turn this blog into a tech after death kind of blog but right now, that is what I keep finding is blog-worthy of my energy. Related to my earlier posts on dealing with social media after death, Facebook has taken it a step further now and provided a means for someone to add a Legacy Contact to your account. You can find it from the Security Settings in your account on the site. And, yes, it is also in the mobile version.   When you add a Legacy Contact there, you can also choose… Read More »Legacy Contact – Facebook

Thinking about mentors

I am acutely aware that I am getting older. One very real factor that drives this home is the increase in the number of funerals I could/should attend. Some of these are untimely and way too early. But, some have been after a long life well-lived. But they still hurt nonetheless. I just learned of another death yesterday. I had known him since I was in junior high school when I attended summer camp and he was the camp leader. Later, in college, he hired me to be a counselor and subsequently kept hiring me back with increasing responsibility through… Read More »Thinking about mentors