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Blog Action Day: OLPC

Today is Blog Action Day. Last year’s topic (Environment) seemed easier for me to find blogging ideas. This year, the topic is Poverty and it has been harder for me. But, then I remembered Nicholas Negroponte’s “Big Idea” from 2005 and thought I would remind my three readers about the One Laptop Per Child project. The initial thought was to create a laptop for less than $100 that could be used around the world to put technology and access to information in the hands of children everywhere. This kind of access to information, education and communication certainly seems like a… Read More »Blog Action Day: OLPC

POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

With a whirlwind o’ travels over the past two weeks, I am (yet again) woefully behind on my POW postings. Funny, I met someone at the conference last week who I follow on Flickr because I recognized her from her pictures. She also follows me and we had a nice face to face conversation. One of the things we talked about was our Project 365. She had to let hers go for a long while and is trying to decide whether to just start over or try to get back into it “already in progress”. I was telling her how… Read More »POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

Vuvox Collage – my first go

Got into the private beta for the new collage tool from Vuvox. Pretty cool stuff. I used some photos from my 8 hour layover at the Nagoya airport on my last trip to Japan. See what you think. This is a tool to follow and explore much more! NOTE: (6/4/08) – Removed the embed since it was autoplaying the music and now the Vuvox editor is all askew in my monitor so I cannot get to the properties to turn it down or off. So, you can watch the collage here:

Second 5K completed with improvements!!

34:27!! And, I didn’t stop to walk at all!!! That is almost 6 minutes faster than the first one back in October. I was pretty surprised (and, alright, I admit it – proud of myself) Placed 6th in my age bracket. Photo set is below. Also, slideshow Catch the Leprechaun 5K – a photoset on Flickr

Trying another 5K tomorrow…

Wish me luck! I’ve been trying some different training so we will see if my time is any better than the last one. Used the Podcast for Runners from Robert Ullrey – Couch to 5K in nine weeks plan (I started with week 3 since I was running already but hadn’t in a little while) Then, added DJ Steveboy’s Podrunner Intervals – started at week 3 again Intervals on Monday Long run on Wednesday or Thursday Shorter run and weights on Thursday or Friday We’ll see…. Image: ‘Silicon Valley Marathon. III‘

A big flop – but at least we tried

Oh, the joy of good intentions. I had read about the Crazy Delicious trick of using PHP, CSS and some other HTML magic to create some text that can be highlighted to reveal an image or the other way around. I didn’t put it into my account so I had to do some Google-izing to find it. But, I did. I had the bright idea that this would be an awesome way to reveal the music behind these song charts that I am so currently in love with. Show a chart. Hightlight. Get the title of the song, musician,… Read More »A big flop – but at least we tried

3 hours in a car alone – some attempts at song charting

When you have a three hour drive alone, you get plenty of time to think. So, I dreamed up some song charts for some favorite tunes. I have a small pool on Flickr if you want to see them bigger. My favorites are probably these two but I really like them all! Okay..I’m challenging my three readers!!! Have a song chart you want to share??

Oh boy …I was on NPR

Remember that homework assignment from National Public Radio to record yourself singing “Deck the Halls” and sending it in? Of course you do! I mean who can forget the collective caroling? I did my homework via Garageband and added a dance/electronic beat to the carol. Today, when I got a chance to listen to the complete performance, I was surprised to hear my entry as THE FIRST PART of the collective carol. How cool is that? Awesome. Enjoy!

Ego-Blogging – is that what I am doing over here?

Interesting that I stumbled upon (but not via StumbleUpon strangely enough) this post today since I have been thinking about my little ole’ T-F corner of the blogosphere (can a sphere actually have a corner? I digress…) With the end of the P365 project last month, my posting volume has certainly declined. I am still blogging at my two school blogs but not here as much. Hmmmmm. And, then one of my three readers told me that she missed the photos but was still reading the blog. That got me mulling over the purpose of this blog. Why have it?… Read More »Ego-Blogging – is that what I am doing over here?