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Blog Action Day: How we connect and unite in action against Climate Change

Today is BAD ’09! Blog Action Day. If you are on Twitter, the hashtag is #BAD09 This is the third year that T-F has participated and I am happy to do so, as always. This year’s topic is Climate Change and it is something that has been on my mind a good deal in the past few years. I have some close friends who have made very radical changes in their lifestyle over the past two years as they work to become as sustainable as possible in the expectation of the changes they expect in the world after Peak Oil.… Read More »Blog Action Day: How we connect and unite in action against Climate Change

Happy 3rd Birthday to Techy-Feely!!

In some ways it seems like a much longer time has passed since I blogged for the first time here at my own little corner o’ the Intarwebs! And, in other ways, I still feel like I am just figuring stuff out. I certainly am on other parts of the web. But, I clearly recall installing WordPress and then staring at it going: “Now what?”. Now, I have a version of the multiuser platform running at my college and I feel much more comfortable diving into the database tables and taking a peek. But, today marks the third anniversary of… Read More »Happy 3rd Birthday to Techy-Feely!!

Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

Just back from the downtown event that was part of the Worldwide Photowalk. Over 900 cities hosted their own event where photo-oriented folks gathered together to walk around and take pictures of what they saw. Reminded me of my Project365 days. So, about 25 of so of us tromped around the Old City, downtown, Market Square (home of a very popular and vibrant Famers’ Market) and other places such as that capturing images of what makes our local area unique. Just knowing folks around the world are doing the same feels really cool.  Once again, through the power of social… Read More »Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

My Recycling WIdget

So, we are part of the RecycleBank now..the recycling bin has a little gadget on it and we get points for how much we recycle. Those points can be redeemed for, well, more stuff. Kinda strange cycle but here is the widget, nonetheless….

Ada Lovelace Day: Honoring my Tweeps!

Today is Ada Lovelace Day and bloggers all over are posting about their favorite women in technology. I pledged to do the same. First, who is Ada Lovelace, you ask? She wrote the world’s first computer programs. How cool is that? If you want to know more, I won’t deny you! So, we are charged with writing about tech heroines. I have been thinking about that for a while now as I planned this post. Growing up, the technology side of my techy-feely self definitely came from my father. In college, first as an engineering major and later as a… Read More »Ada Lovelace Day: Honoring my Tweeps!

Who I follow on Twitter

Yes, it took me a year to figure out the use of Twitter but I use it almost everyday for work and personal learning, news, entertainment, and more.  Kinda cool to see everybody all together. Get your twitter mosaic here.

Time for some ‘sperimenting

Saw this go by on Twitter via @KathySierra. This blogger use the community to pick 12 different “experiments” to try during 2009. One per month. that’s interesting, I remember thinking. Then, I couldn’t think of 12 different things I wanted to try so I let it go. Then, last night I had two experiments going already, I realized. Experiment One: Watching TV on the computer. I watched this week’s episode of Desperate Housewives from the website rather than on the DVR, where it sits recorded. Chose the HD version and watched full screen. It looked pretty darn good and only… Read More »Time for some ‘sperimenting