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Geeking out my desktop

I have been a casual user and fan of GeekTool for a number of years. GeekTool provides a means to add images, code, logs or web content to small, pre-defined locations on your desktop so they lay behind your application windows and can refresh at a time rate that you set within the code. GeekTool allowed me to explore a bit of coding and customize my desktop with geeklets that provided me both useful information and needed distraction during my workday. I explored the (now aging) repository of geeklets from time to time and through trial and error, found a… Read More »Geeking out my desktop

Bookmark like it is 1999, er, 2005

Hi there! I’m back. I would love to write here more regularly but I find myself writing in other places more often so this site gets pushed to the proverbial back burner over and over. But, I have something I want to capture so here it goes. I hit Twitter yesterday and saw this post go by:   This post is… delicious — Mike Caulfield (@holden) June 1, 2017 As a YUUUUGE fan of Delicious back in the day (circa 2005), I had to see what was what. And, I discovered that, for the FIFTH time, my favorite little… Read More »Bookmark like it is 1999, er, 2005

Some new photo art

It has been a LOOOOONG time since I have had/given/allowed time to sit with some photos that I have taken and worked on them within an editor to make them more than just snapshots. (today, I chose Lightroom CC since I need to learn more about how it works) It was fun and from the ~300 images I took during a recent trip west via Minnesota to Yellowstone National Park/Grand Tetons National Park and on to Portland, Oregon, I gleaned 19 that I liked enough to call “art” for me. [BONUS POINTS: This trip also took me through North Dakota… Read More »Some new photo art

Quick Update: moving to iOS

It has been almost a month and I have been steadily working on this transition from Android to iOS. I wanted to capture a few quick thoughts here while it was still a bit fresh on my mind. The Apple Migration tool for moving from Android failed for me. Three times. I gave up. Thus, I didn’t get to move things like: Messages Whats App messages Settings/Accounts Contacts Photos Videos Music And so forth I was a bit disappointed with that fact. Actually, more than a bit. I really figured Apple had this migration thing figured out to get folks to… Read More »Quick Update: moving to iOS

Moving Back (and trying to bring my stuff with me)

Many folks are surprised when they seem me whip out my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). It is unusual, I suppose, for such an unabashed Apple fangirl to “stoop” to something outside of the ecosystem. I did it for several reasons. First and foremost, for the longest time, my carrier (Sprint) didn’t have the iPhone in its arsenal and I really didn’t have the energy to time to mess with switching carriers. Also, I already owned an iPod touch (and subsequently an iPad) so I didn’t need to learn how iOS operated and how apps worked, etc. In my line… Read More »Moving Back (and trying to bring my stuff with me)

Digital Afterlife: Part 2

Just a quick update to what I have decided to do and what I have learned. I was so hesitant to just close down social networking/media accounts without having the data itself with me. So, I started digging around. The Twitter account did have the archive button so I was able to grab all of the tweets from the account before I closed it. The archive comes as a zip and then opens into a mini-“web page” with HTML pages listing the tweets in order of their posting. I have also requested an archive of the Facebook Data. You can… Read More »Digital Afterlife: Part 2

Technology After Death

In the aftermath of the recent death in my life, there has been a lot of work to “close” a person’s life.  In addition to dealing with clothes, shoes, books, memorabilia, CDs, financial dealings, retirement accounts and automobiles, I have also been faced with several decisions regarding email accounts, social media, cloud storage, web sites and blogs. What do we do with these electronic artifacts after someone dies? I really don’t have a good answer. But there are services and resources out there to help. I have left the email accounts open. I was fortunate to have access to the… Read More »Technology After Death

A different blog for a week

I am fortunate to be asked to travel with the college choir where I work over spring break and blog/photograph/video their trip. If you want to follow along on our adventures next week in Germany, check us out here:

My first Contemplative photography attempt

I have been reading about contemplative photography and I am intrigued and challenged to give it a whirl. What started as a quick glance through the bookstore of the Shambala Sun has developed into much more of an interest. Basically, the practice takes photography away from simply subject matter and into the mind/body/spirit of the photographer so you are more aware of noticing the image, taking the image and creating the equivalent image in your camera to what you noticed. Of course, the website, Seeing Fresh, explains is much better than I can. I am part of a Flickr group… Read More »My first Contemplative photography attempt