Circle of Life

It’s the Circle of Life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the Circle The Circle of Life I took a workshop a few years ago about finding your life’s purpose. It was an appeal to my Feely side and it turned out to be much more beneficial than I dreamed it could be. The end result of the day-long seminar was to create a personal mission statement. It was supposed to be short enough and easy enough to remember if you were being… Read More »Circle of Life

Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

Just back from the downtown event that was part of the Worldwide Photowalk. Over 900 cities hosted their own event where photo-oriented folks gathered together to walk around and take pictures of what they saw. Reminded me of my Project365 days. So, about 25 of so of us tromped around the Old City, downtown, Market Square (home of a very popular and vibrant Famers’ Market) and other places such as that capturing images of what makes our local area unique. Just knowing folks around the world are doing the same feels really cool.  Once again, through the power of social… Read More »Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

With a whirlwind o’ travels over the past two weeks, I am (yet again) woefully behind on my POW postings. Funny, I met someone at the conference last week who I follow on Flickr because I recognized her from her pictures. She also follows me and we had a nice face to face conversation. One of the things we talked about was our Project 365. She had to let hers go for a long while and is trying to decide whether to just start over or try to get back into it “already in progress”. I was telling her how… Read More »POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

Ego-Blogging – is that what I am doing over here?

Interesting that I stumbled upon (but not via StumbleUpon strangely enough) this post today since I have been thinking about my little ole’ T-F corner of the blogosphere (can a sphere actually have a corner? I digress…) With the end of the P365 project last month, my posting volume has certainly declined. I am still blogging at my two school blogs but not here as much. Hmmmmm. And, then one of my three readers told me that she missed the photos but was still reading the blog. That got me mulling over the purpose of this blog. Why have it?… Read More »Ego-Blogging – is that what I am doing over here?

Archiving the Project 365

Archiving the Project 365. Here are some links for calendar views in Flickr (which I quite like) 2006 October (8) November (33) December (32) 2007 January (24) February (21) March (35) April (30) May (31) June (32) July (82) August (31) September (50) October (34)

P365 – 102307

This is it…the last photo of my Project 365. These are my good friends in the area who join us each month for our movie nite. We celebrated my birthday eve and watched “Little Shop of Horrors” Big Fun! As I look over this past year in photos, I’m sure to find that the majority of the pictures were kittens (it was their first year, of course) but I also bet there will be plenty of pictures of food, fun with friends and life being lived. Can’t ask for more than that, now can we? Off to start another 45… Read More »P365 – 102307

P365 – 102207

Look what my sweetie planted for me for my birthday. We are calling them the radioactive mums!!


Today’s the day…my first 5K. I got my number 799. So, my goal was to finish in less than 799 minutes. I did. More photos in another set. I think Wren, my support crew, was trying to do her best monster impression for this picture!


Went to Asheville (again?) on a short notice trip to meet with a good friend who was in from upstate NY. The fun thing about Asheville is that you never know what you will see downtown. This time, a little girl in a purple wig with her puppy.