Building my little pile of electrons

The semester is almost over. The pace has slowed down and I need to do something a bit more geeky just to get my grey matter back on track. So, inspired by D’arcy Norman’s reclamation project of his data, I decided to give a whirl to some of the tools he mentioned to see if I could bring some of my data into my world rather (or along with) the hosted solutions. I am not quite a self-contained as D’arcy and probably won’t be. He dumped Flickr and I don’t see myself doing that anytime soon as I really like Flickr and… Read More »Building my little pile of electrons

Techy-Feely on your Celly

While I don’t have a cell phone that will even read this page…I do understand that the world is moving in that direction. To that end, here is a mobile version of this blog via MoFuse. Just to see if I could do it. Off to find someone with a phone that can read it!

My, My…I appear to be blog-lazy these days

I am in the middle of moving my office at work. That coupled with two days of out of town meetings last week means that I have been all but silent on the blogosphere. When I checked in today, I was a bit sad to see the last 5 postings were from my posting “thingy” (their word – not mine..I would use doodad or some other technically savvy term). That struck me as blog-lazy. So, I deleted that. My plan was to use that feed as a way to make a very easy backup of the sites that I… Read More »My, My…I appear to be blog-lazy these days

All up to date…no security leaks here.

I noticed that Step 3 of the installtion instructions said to consider rewarding yourself with a blog post about the upgrade. Done! Upgrading WordPress « WordPress Codex Step 3: Do something nice for yourself […] Consider rewarding yourself with a blog post about the upgrade

Blog Action Day Wrapup

Pretty impressive statistics for Blog Action Day 20,603 Blog Participated 23,327 Blog Posts (Google Blog Search) 14,631,038 RSS Readers It was fun to be a part of something so global. Shows the power of people behind the technology.

We’re on the move

I have had my battles with DNS but I think things are going on the right path now. Stay tuned…I have files moved. I have a new theme selected. I have tweaked the banner images. I still have some other things to take care of but I need a compu-break. I may not post for a few days but don’t worry – I am still keeping up with P365. I’ll get caught up shortly. Keep those cards and letters coming.

This blog will be moving….stay tuned

We are going to switch hosting providers. I’m going to start this weekend but I have a few days before this hosting plan ends. So, things might be strange for a few days while I move files. I also want to change templates so the look of this site might change while I try some on for size. We’ll see how it goes.