Better than your average bear

When this Pew Research and Smithsonian quiz passed by my Twitter feed, I had to jump over and give it a shot. After all, with an undergrad degree in chemistry education and a masters in Science Ed, I had better know a good amount of basic science and technology. Fortunately, I was able to pass with a perfect score that put me in the 93% range. Give it a shot! Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz

Office Bombardment

Yes, I have been slack. [Insert typical excuses here – busy at work, nothing to say, off on other projects, so on and so on] Yesterday, I heard a piece on All Things Considered, the evening news show on National Public Radio here in the USofA that just captured my imagination. It was about a composer named Rolf Liebermann, who composed a number for office machines back in 1964. Now, back in 1964, office machines made noise. Imagine:  16 typewriters, 18 calculator machines, 8 accounting machines, 12 office perforators, 2 metronomes, 2 entrance door gongs, 6 telephones, a fork lift, and,… Read More »Office Bombardment

Building my little pile of electrons

The semester is almost over. The pace has slowed down and I need to do something a bit more geeky just to get my grey matter back on track. So, inspired by D’arcy Norman’s reclamation project of his data, I decided to give a whirl to some of the tools he mentioned to see if I could bring some of my data into my world rather (or along with) the hosted solutions. I am not quite a self-contained as D’arcy and probably won’t be. He dumped Flickr and I don’t see myself doing that anytime soon as I really like Flickr and… Read More »Building my little pile of electrons

Where are you on the social media/content creation ladder?

I am working on a presentation for a class on emerging technology in business. My topic is curation – which is something I hold near and dear to my heart with my museum background and that little old library science degree I have on the wall. In digging into curation on the web, I found Forrester’s Social Technographics Profile and thought it was quite interesting as a way to organize how we participate on the web. The levels certainly overlap but I am sure folks fall more into one over another one the majority of the time. I am firmly… Read More »Where are you on the social media/content creation ladder?

Funding via Kickstarter

Kickstarter is really becoming a part of my life as I have helped fund at least four projects there now. They offer such a wide variety of opportunities to help folks with interesting ideas that just need a little financial support. It is limited to projects and not for fundraising for causes or “fund my life” kinds of things. The idea of micro-funding is so great. A little from a lot of folks can go a long way. So far, I have helped: a movie director create a film in Brainerd, Minnesota a new social networking platform a bakery/blogging business… Read More »Funding via Kickstarter

A different blog for a week

I am fortunate to be asked to travel with the college choir where I work over spring break and blog/photograph/video their trip. If you want to follow along on our adventures next week in Germany, check us out here: http://blogs.pstcc.edu/variations2012.

Nerdy Chicks Rule

Some of my best summers were spent at Lutheridge, a summer camp outside of Asheville, North Carolina. I went there as a camper and then worked several summers while in college and when I was teaching high school. It was a great, creative and energetic time in my life. One of my friends from that time is Kami Kinard, who is now a published author. (Check out her book, The Boy Project).  She also has a blog called Nerdy Chicks Rule. I was surprised and honored when she asked me to be interviewed on her blog. So, I got to… Read More »Nerdy Chicks Rule

Things to watch in 2012

Since I found this last year, I was curious to see what the latest presentation from JWT would bring. From a T-F perspective, these entries caught my eye: BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. I actually have been using this phrase for a while now at my work because we have been experimenting with checking out iPads to faculty and students and my take on the results is that they are truly “personal” computers and don’t share well with others. We need to expect to bring our own devices, customized as we want, to all kinds of locations and get… Read More »Things to watch in 2012

Random Gifts

As I plan to start taking piano lessons again tomorrow, I found this oldish video of an amazing musician turning a standard piano into a multitude of instruments. Hauschka at NPR: Random Gifts on Vimeo

We all have baggage

Having just finished a holiday trip, I thought this video of a bag’s trip through an airport was interesting. Delta airlines ad nonwithstanding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocbxS5aWUSo&sns=em