Sharing Your Technical Talents

I was quite taken by a story I heard while driving home this week. On National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, they shared a story about photo retouchers working on damaged photographs rescued from the tsunami that hit northern Japan earlier this year.

The sentiment by the main person profiled in the story really struck me:

“There’s always someone who’s got something to say about how thin someone is made or how flawless someone’s skin is and the effect it has on young women,” says Manson. “So when I set up the project, it was nice to think we could actually do something to help someone.”

As I work with technology and try to find ways it can help those I work with teach, work, live more efficiently and effectively, it can be easy to lose sight of how truly helpful a specialized skill like photo restoration can be and how truly magical the experience of gaining back something like a photograph that was considered lost can also be.

I know I will continue to work with technology and I know it will always be changing. What I hope will not change is my drive to find ways for it to help others make their lives better, provide happiness and simply feel good.