My first Contemplative photography attempt

I have been reading about contemplative photography and I am intrigued and challenged to give it a whirl.

What started as a quick glance through the bookstore of the Shambala Sun has developed into much more of an interest. Basically, the practice takes photography away from simply subject matter and into the mind/body/spirit of the photographer so you are more aware of noticing the image, taking the image and creating the equivalent image in your camera to what you noticed.

Of course, the website, Seeing Fresh, explains is much better than I can.

I am part of a Flickr group for Shibui, which is a Japanese term referring to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. And I can see a relationship between the two. I just want to bring in some awareness and mindfulness into my photography and I hope this might do it. I so enjoyed my Project 365 from several years ago and I guess I am ready for another photography experiment.

Stay tuned.