100 things to watch in 2011

I have always been a fan of the Beloit College Mindset published each year right before the start of the fall semester. It lists the experiences that are “molding” the incoming freshman class.

This set of predictions from JWT Intelligence is much more widespread covering fashion, art, food, travel, business, technology and more. It was fascinating.

Some of the predictions were right up the T-F mindset like:

33 – alternative social networking sites to Facebook. Like Diaspora, which I helped fund in its Kickstarter campaign.

59 – the Life in A Day user generated documentary. I participated in that as well. Doubt my footage will be selected but I find the whole idea of collaborative art projects really interesting and a nice mix of the technical with the psychological

83 – Social Objects which will allow folks to scan or otherwise interact with objects merging the digital and the physical. My pals Brandon and Lia are all over this trend with their materialmashup site.

and, of course

93 – tube free toilet paper!! What????? Where will all of those kids find raw materials for their art projects?

Or even the professional artists might have problems with this one…

What do you find most interesting?