Science Videos – appealing to all sides of the brain?

You may or may not be able to tell that I am a science nerd. I used to teach high school chemistry, physics and math, so it seems only natural. Even though my career path has taken me away from science education, I still really do love it. So, when I saw this video called “Chemical Party”, I just thought it was a brilliant mix of the joy of teaching science along with solid educational concepts within the content.


It reminds me of the other science related media that I have loved like:

The Element Song by Tom Leher

And, of course, any Schoolhouse Rock like Electricity (although their science entries were weaker than the math, politics and grammar ones). I was privileged to hear the creators of the series at a conference a few years ago. They related that the idea came from observing that one of their sons could not learn the multiplication tables but could memorize the lyrics for every Jimi Hendrix song.

And, the wonderful tunes from They Might Be Giants: