Blog Action Day: Have you done your calculations?

Here at Techy-Feely, if you spend anytime at all looking over past posts, you will see that I am a big fan of the online quizzes found, well, everywhere! While I have pretty much stopped doing them in Facebook because they are smackdab full o’ viruses and crud, they are still pretty fun.

But, the most useful of these quizzes are those that allow you to reflect and record your use of our natural resources and calculate how much impact you have on this earth of ours. The Water Calculator from H2OConserve is a great example of it.

I just ran through it and got these results:

Your Water Footprint
Your total household water use is 1,601.84 gallons per day
Your individual water use is 800.92 gallons per day

This is ok. Below the average for Americans but, frankly, I expected better. I have low flow faucets and I have low capacity toilets. This summer was HOT and the garden was watered a good deal as were some other plants in the yard. I am going to take these results and try to commit to do even better. Shorter showers and shutting off the faucet when brushing my teeth are two places to start. I also need to look at a rain barrel so I hope to do that shortly.

Have you calculated your water use?
What are you doing to help save water, our most important resource for life here?

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