Meditating on a Powertool

Powr+washr+grrl I got to spend about two hours last night helping friends open their pool. Most of my time was spent with a power washer. As I moved slowly through cleaning chairs, tables, poolsides, diving board and more, it turned into a nice meditation.

I truly enjoyed being in the moment and it was easy to stay there because of the constant feedback of something actually happening! You can tell where you have been with the washer. You can see the dirt, leaves, moss and other debris instantly “disappear” as the water goes by. You can also tell where you missed so you can go back and take care of the situation. It was refreshing to have a project with a distinct positive direction and a pretty clear sense of ending. (I mean, you will always see things you missed or the surfaces may never be clean enough)

I started thinking about the various projects I have going at home, at work, on the computer, in the garage, and in my mind. So many unfinished states! I think I need to fine tune my GTD strategy some more. I do like my big picture and my project lists. Goodness knows, I have plenty of them!!  But, I think I need to make some of my projects “smaller” or at least figure out some next actions that will allow me to see something done or at least in the process of being done. I think that will do my psyche some good. Glad I got that worked out while standing by a pool on a glorious May evening with good friends all sharing in some common labor and some really good fun!

Powerwashing for my soul as it were.

Image: ‘Powerwashing

2 thoughts on “Meditating on a Powertool”

  1. Awesome meditation! Thanks so much for the help, dear friend. You are the best bud!

    When I was working with Head Start parents in the 80’s and 90’s, I would ask them to choose a small task when their lives were totally out of control. When they had some success with the small task, they would be encouraged and we’d move to a bigger one. It worked great for them. Your meditation made me think of those days.

    I do think you’re onto a great plan there!

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